Thursday, July 19, 2012

Skip Counting Through Hoops

This is a fun way to practice skip counting in Multiplication. We bought 12 hula hoops from a dollar store. Then we would arrange them on the floor so there was space between them and the child could jump from one to the next all the way to the end. Then we made cards with the multiples of the number we were learning that day and placed the card in order, inside each hoop. Then as we would count by that number, the child would jump to each hoop as we named the number in that hoop. We sang skip counting songs to help learn them.

When I first introduced skip counting by fives, I made a strip with the four numbers in between the hoops so they could see how we skipped over those to get to the numbers in the hoops. 

Then, as they got familiar with the skip counting, I would have them turn around, and I would remove two of the number cards. Then we would skip count with the song again, but when they got to the missing numbers, they had to fill in the correct number. We continued removing cards until they could hop through all the the hoops skip counting all the numbers.

Skip Counting Songs by Sherri Boekweg

Counting Through the Twos
Count By Threes
Counting By Fours
Five Jive
Counting By Sixes
Counting Fun Begins With Seven
Eight Is Great!
Boogie to the Nines
Counting Through the Tens

Skip-Counting Songs with Familiar Melodies
Click on the link below to view the song lyrics on this blog. 

Skip Counting through Sevens, Nines, and Twelves (lyrics only)

Sevens (Tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb")
Nines (Tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star")
Twelves (Tune of "O Christmas Tree")

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