Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coordinate Fun on a Floor Graph

This was a fun way to introduce coordinates on a graph. First, we created a graph on the floor with yarn and numbers. Then we did some fun activities with the graph. 

To Make the Floor Graph
You will need 14 pieces of yarn cut in 60-inch lengths. Then lay them out as shown in the picture so seven pieces are horizontal and seven are vertical, creating a graph. Next, you will need cards numbered as follows: one card is zero "0", then you will need two of each of the numbers 1-6. Then lay out the cards as shown in the picture, so the zero card is at the lower left corner of the graph, and the number 1-6 cards are at each line of yarn horizontally and vertically. 

How to Teach It
First make sure they understand the terms horizontal and vertical. You can also refer to them as over and up. They must understand that to find a point on the graph you first go over and then up. So when they see the two numbers in the ordered pair, they know they must go over for the first number and up for the second number.


Dice coordinates
Shake two dice to get two numbers that become the ordered pair. Then use those numbers with any of the following activities.

Human Coordinates
The child becomes the point on the graph and jumps to the correct spot to show the ordered pair.

Candy Toss
Toss a piece of candy onto the graph, and then name the coordinates closest to where the piece of candy landed. Or, give the coordinates ahead of time, and see who can toss the candy closest to the correct place on the graph.

You can also make a large graph outside by using sidewalk chalk on the driveway. Simply draw your graph and write the numbers along the sides and bottom instead of using yarn and cards. 

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