Thursday, July 19, 2012

Human Clocks

 This activity was definitely a hit when my girls were learning to tell time. We used different colors of construction paper to make 12 large cards numbered 1 through 12. Then the girls helped to lay them out in a circle the way they would appear on a clock, with the 12 at the top and the 6 at the bottom. We also wrote the multiples of 5 on small dessert paper plates, and put those next to each number in order, beginning with the "five" next to the number "1" card of the clock. Then I had the girls each lie down so their feet were at the 6 and their head was at the 12. Then I gave them a time, and they moved their arms into the position the hands on the clock would be. 
Song Recommendations
"The Minute Hand on the Clock" by Sherri Boekweg

The Minute Hand on the Clock

"Jolly Clock" by Hap Palmer 
(found on his CD "Can Cockatoos Count By Twos?") This CD is available at To see the lyrics and activity ideas for this song, click on "lyrics and activities" and select this CD. Then click on this song, #5 and #13.

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