List of songs on the Learning Songs CDs

These are the songs on each CD. The songs were recorded on a good home-recording system. My daughters and I were the singers. These CDs are available for purchase by clicking the "Buy Now" button to the right.

CD 1 -- Language Arts and Math

Language Arts Songs
How Do You Describe It?
I Before E
Double O Glasses
Change the Y to I
Silent T
P and H
That's ALL
The Lonely Vowel
Here Comes Magic E
Bossy R
Consonant Blend Playmates
Drop Silent E
O and U
The Letter Friends (ING)
Twin Consonants
Two Vowels Went a Walking
When is Y a Vowel?
Spelling the Days of the Week.

Math Songs
An Average Star
Remember 2 2 4
Inches Feet and Yards
That's What Makes a Mile
The Division Song
The Minute Hand on the Clock
Zero Hero
Jump Mister Ten
Borrow a Ten
Skipping Through the Twos
Count By Threes
Counting By Fours
Five Jive
Counting By Sixes
Counting By Sevens
Eight is Great
Boogie to the Nines
Counting Through the Tens

CD 2 -- Geography and Science

Geography Songs
Good Morning North America
North America
Mississippi River
Natural Resources
Columbus Kept His Dream
The Coast
The Tundra
Carribbean Cruise
What is Your Capital
The Mounties

Science Songs
What's the Matter?
What is Matter Made of?
Molecules in Motion
Moving Charges
Static Electricity
Molly Cule
The Perfect Solution
Like a Bubble
The Water in the Ocean
Gravity Always Brings Me Down
Have You Heard of Newton's Laws?