Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skip Counting Songs for Seven, Nine, and Twelve

Skip Counting by Seven
Melody: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Seven, fourteen, twenty-one--
Twenty-eight--, thirty-five--
Forty-two and forty-nine,
Counting through the sevens.
Then we jump to fifty-six,
Sixty-three--, seventy--
Seventy-seven, eighty-four,
That's how we count by sevens.

Skip Counting by Nine
Melody: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Nine---- eighteen, twenty-seven
Thirty-six and forty-five--.
Fifty-four and sixty-three--.
Seventy-two and eighty-one--.
Nine----ty, ninety nine, one-
Hundred and eight, now
Aint that fine?

Skip Counting by Twelve
Melody: “O Christmas Tree”
Twelve, twenty-four and thirty-six--,
Then forty-eight and sixty.
Then seventy-two and eighty four--,
Then ninety six, one-hundred eight.
One hundred twen----ty, (12 times 10)
One hundred thir---ty two and then,
It’s 12 times 12 to top the score to get
One hundred forty-four.

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