Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jigsaw Words (Dividing Words Into Syllables)

Print ten 2-syllable words with the same syllabication rule on a piece of colored cardstock. Cut the words into cards and let the child determine what those words have in common. Then talk about what the rule is for dividing those words into syllables. Then give the child a pair of scissors and let them cut the word into syllables (encourage them to cut them in fun creative ways). Do the same with words with other syllable rules, but print them each on different colors of paper. Store them in a bag and let the child spread them out and find the matching syllables. In the rules below letter V means vowel , letter C means consonant.

Basic Syllables Rules
VC/CV – Separate two consonants!
Trum-pet, sel-dom, plas-tic, sis-ter,
num-ber, pub-lic, con-test,
con-tent, prob-lem, won-der
V/CV – Leave the vowel!—
Divide after a long vowel
Hu-man, pi-lot, fe-male,
de-mand, se-lect, ho-tel,
de-mon, be-cause,
ba-con, pa-per,
VC/V –Close in the vowel!
Divide after the C (consonant)
Sev-en, pan-ic, lem-on, com-ic,
trav-el, drag-on, sal-ad,
plan-et, van-ish, ped-al
C + final y = ee – Never leave Y alone –
Divide before last C
Hap/py, mes/sy, can/dy, cra/zy, mis/ty,
mum/my, mis/ty, bo/ny, jol/ly, tru/ly

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