Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4 Square Quadrant Jump (Math)

To help my girls learn the different quadrants on a graph, I used a clear vinyl shower curtain. I drew a vertical and horizontal line from end to end to create four squares, or quadrants. Then I made each line a number line, with Zero being the point where the lines intersected. Then I wrote the numbers (positives and negatives) the way they would be on a graph. I used blue for the numbers on the vertical line and red for the numbers on the horizontal line. Then we learned where each quadrant was. Then I would call out the name of a quadrant and they had to jump in the correct square for that quadrant. Then we tried it with ordered pairs. We learned that the first number in the ordered pair is the number on the horizontal line and the 2nd number is the one on the vertical line. Then, I would give the girls an ordered pair, and they had to jump in the square where that ordered pair would be found.

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