Sunday, July 17, 2011

Act It Out-- Four Sentence Types

This was a fun way to learn the four different types of sentences--declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. First we learned about each kind, using an illustrated poster to help us remember what each kind was. Then we picked a sentence card and determined which kind of sentence it was, and then read it in the dramatic way described below.

A Declarative sentence declares something. It is a statement. To help my girls remember this, they would use a Southern Belle voice and say, “Well, I declare!” before reading the sentence. They would also use appropriate mannerisms, like fluttering eye lashes and walking with a swing.  They could even wear a shawl or carry a parasol as well.

An Interrogative sentence is a question. To help my girls understand what this word means, we talked about how in World War II the Nazis would often interrogate their prisoners.  So for these kinds of sentences, my girls had to read the question in a German accent and use a very stern voice, clicking heels together or pointing fingers, etc., using the “z” sound instead of “th” and “V” instead of “W”. For example, they would say “Zis is an interrogatory sentence. Ven vill ve go?”

An Imperative sentence is a command. To help my girls understand what this word means, we talked about how kings and queens would give commands, so with this kind of sentence, they would pretend to be a king or queen and put on a crown, if they wanted, and say their sentence in a commanding voice, beginning with “It is imperative that you do this.”

An Exclamatory sentence has an exclamation point, so it invites a lot of dramatic gestures and expressions, kind of like in silent movies where they were over dramatic. So for these kinds of sentences, the girls were encouraged to be over dramatic in their gestures and expressions and voice like they are on stage. They could even faint at the end.

Sentence Cards
Print out examples of the four different sentence types on cards. Then, after you have learned about them, pick a card, decide what sentence type it is, then act it out as described above.

Here are some sentences we used.
When can we eat?
Can we have ice cream?
Do you like green eggs and ham?
Oh, where is my hairbrush?
Why is your hair purple?
Can we play now?
Look at this stuff!
Your face is frightening the baby!
My shoe is on fire!
We’re on the wrong planet!
The monster is attacking!
I'm so excited!
I had the strangest dream last night.
I can’t get up. I have to finish my dream.
I like to eat apples and bananas.
I wish it was Saturday.
I left my shoe at the park.
No, I do not like to eat fish.
Stuff it in the closet.
Shut the door.
Get me a drink of water.
Tell Daddy to come here.
Don’t tell Lisa.

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