Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finding the area of Circles

In this tasty (and sticky) activity, we began with fruit leather circles bought at the store. Then we lay them out on parchment paper (so they wouldn't stick) and cut them, with scissors, like a pizza into 8 pieces. Then we lay each piece next to each other in opposite directions to create a parallelogram.
Then we measured the base and the height (length and width) of the parallelogram and determined it's area. Then we laid out another circular fruit leather and measured its diameter and determined its radius. Then we learned the formula for finding the area of a circle with this silly illustration of a square pie. After we figured out the area of the uncut circle fruit leather, we compared the area with the area we got when we measured the parallelogram and it was almost the same.
The girls were happy when they got to eat the "fruit" of their labors.

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