Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Verb's Tents (Verb tenses)

 In this activity, we set up Verb's tents. We folded 6 cards over to look like a tent and wrote "past," "present," and "future" on three cards, and did the same on the next three cards.   

Then we added campers. The girls cut out and named/labeled their campers as follows: camper 1: Will, camper 2: had, camper 3: have, camper 4 and 5 joining hands: Will and Have.  Here's how the tent assignments were made.
Will sleeps in the future tents (He will go). The other campers will only sleep in tents that are absolutely perfect. So as we figured out which one they slept in we added "perfect" to the present, past, or future written on the tent. Have (Short for Havenshire) sleeps in the present perfect tent (I have gone). Had (short for Hadley) sleeps in the past perfect tent (He had eaten), and Will and Have both sleep in the future perfect tent (They will have finished by then).
The girls cut out another camp leader (Jennifer cut a dolphin, Jessica cut a flower with the sign "ing" attached). Well, this camp is a very progressive camp with a progressive leader (the new camp leaders they cut out) that wakes everyone up by shouting "Wake up! You need a little Zing in your life (saying "ing" instead). This is a progressive camp!" This leader goes up to the perfect tents and wakes them up and makes them use a progressive perfect verb for their tent. She makes them add "ing" onto the end of their verb. For example, for the Future perfect tent, they could say "John will have been going . . ." For the past perfect tent, they could say "He had been staying. . ." For the present perfect tent, they could say "We have been eating..."

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