Monday, November 1, 2010

Pretty Kate Naming Natives (Predicate Nominatives)

Predicate Nominatives rename the subject, and usually follow a form of the word "is." We substituted an equal sign for the word "is." To help remember what preticate nominatives are we imagined a pretty little girl named Kate (Pretty Kate)who liked to rename Native Americans (Pretty Kate Names the Natives) by saying their name, and then saying "equal" instead of "is," and then saying another name for them.  We used this illustration to help remember.
Then we learned about Preticate Adjectives, where instead of renaming the subject with another name or thing, an adjective is used in the same way, and instead of the equal sign, we used a variety of passive verbs that are used in predicate adjectives. This is the illustration we used for Pretty Kate's Adjectives. It shows the verbs we used.

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