Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun DNA, RNA, and Protein Assembly

We did this activity when we were learning the concept DNA makes RNA makes protein. Here's what we did. First, the girls had to find DNA cards that were hidden around the frontroom, or nucleus. Each card had a code that needed to be deciphered. Each card also had a copy of that code taped to it. When the girls found a DNA card, they put on an RNA hat and took the copy. Under the copy was written the way they had to transport the code to the Kitchen, which represented the ribosomes. As you can see, Jennifer had to transport it by crawling on her hands and feet and Jessica had to transport it by crouching down.
Next the girls had to translate the code by using the code translator card in the ribosomes (kitchen). Each code was an ingredient that would be used in our protein assembly cooking project.
After they translated all the cards then they collected the ingredients and put the cards next to them. Each code had a symbol next to it. On the recipe, the symbols were shown instead of the ingredient. So the girls had to figure out what the ingredient was by matching the symbols.  Finally, the girls got to assemble their
protein, which ended up being yummy peanut butter balls.

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