Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hoop Multiplication Review

This is a fun way to review and brush up on the times tables. Here's what we did. First I gave each of the girls a stack of 12 cards and had them pick one of the multiplication families that they felt they could use some review on. Then they each wrote one of the multiples of that number on each card. Then we picked one of the sets of cards to use with our activity.
Set up and review
We used hoops but you could do it with just the cards if you don't have hoops. Start by scattering the hoops around the room and randomly placing the cards inside the hoops. First we sang the multiplication song for the number chosen, and the girls had to step in the correct hoop as we did the skip counting in the song. After that, I drilled them on 4 of the factors at a time -- selecting the ones they needed most help on, until they showed they had mastered those facts. Then we did four more and so on until we got all twelve facts. After that we were ready to add the action with the hoop review game.
Hoop Review Game
Shake a 12-sided dice and call out that number times the number you chose for that multiplication family. Then the students race to the hoop with the correct product. Continue shaking the dice to get new products until you feel the students have mastered that number. Rules: No grabbing, pushing, tripping, or holding the other person.Once they have mastered that number family trade the cards for another number family and do the same activities. 

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