Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grab The Product!

This is a fun way to review multiplication facts. We wrote a variety of multiplication products on small dessert paper plates. The two factors for each product were written on a separate sheet of paper. You could also write them on slips of paper. Then we placed them face up in the middle of the floor, and the girls sat on each side. Then I called out two factors and they had to race to be the first one to grab the plate with the correct product. Each time they were the first one to grab the product they got a point.

A more active variation would be to scatter the plates face-up around the floor, and then have them race to the plate and grab it before the other one does. This version is lots of fun, but can get a little wild if they try to tackle each other in the process. Setting guidelines ahead of time for no pushing, tackling, grabbing each other, etc. is a good idea.

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