Friday, June 8, 2012

Chocolate Chip Decimal Multiplication

This is a fun and edible way to practice multiplying decimals. I made a packet for each child containing chocolate chips, multiplication cards, and a pencil. You also need five or six 0-9 dice. I printed out the instructions so it could be a learning station.

Take 3 chocolate chips to use for decimals. Shake the dice and fill in the squares in the top two lines. Place a chocolate chip as a decimal point in each number. The chocolate chips do not need to be lined up. Multiply the numbers and write the answer at the bottom. Count up the total number of digits after each chocolate chip and add them together. Then write that number at the top. Then use that number to determine where to place a chocolate chip in the answer. It should be the same as the number you wrote at the top. If the answer is correct, you may eat the chocolate chip.

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