Saturday, May 26, 2012

M & M Decimal Multiplication

We had fun multiplying decimals by using M&Ms as the decimal points. First, I gave each girl 3 M&Ms. They placed the M&Ms in the spot where the decimal goes in each of the decimals they were multiplying. Then, after they completed the multiplication, they had to place the third M&M in the correct place in the answer.

We played a dice game with decimals and M&Ms. The girls started with a blank M&M Decimal Multiplication worksheet (below), three M&Ms, and three dice. Here's what they did. They rolled the three dice and wrote the numbers down in the first row in any order they chose. Then they did the same for the second row. Then they placed an M&M in any position in the numbers in each row to create a decimal point. Then they completed the multiplication, writing the answers in the squares below. When they got the final answer, they counted up the decimal places of the two decimals they multiplied, and they counted over that many places in the answer and placed their third M&M in that spot to represent the decimal in the answer. If the answer was correct, they got to eat the M&M in the answer.Then they got another M&M so they started with three again, and they did it three more times, until the worksheet was completed.

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