Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kickball Review

Playing kickball is a fun way to review any subject. You can play it indoors with a foam ball or outdoors with a regular kickball. On the day we took these pictures we were reviewing math. For two children, we set it up so there were review questions at home base and second base. The person kicking picks a card, tells the answer, then the pitcher (mom) rolls the ball. They kick and run to first base. Then the next kicker does the same thing. Then the first player picks a card at 2nd base, answers it, and kicks the ball again. Having review questions at two bases makes it so that there is always someone who gets to kick. For more children, you could probably have the review questions only at home base. We had individual ziplock sandwich bags for each child (with an identifying sticker) with their specific review questions, at home base and 2nd base.
Jessica reads her review question at second base.

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